How to consume Turmeric for best

Turmeric should be seen as a superfood not just as a drug. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years. It has become one of the most researched plants on the planet and has over 18 000 cited articles.
Turmeric is better to consume whole than just a Curcumin extract, just as eating an orange is better for your health than just taking a vitamin C pill. Organic is always preferable.

The Three Rules To Remember

Healthy Fat

Turmeric and it’s active compounds like Curcumin are not well absorbed by the body without assistance. Curcumin is not water soluble so can’t be absorbed via the same pathways as water-based foods. That is why it must be combined with a healthy fat for better absorption.



Turmeric must be consumed with Black Pepper. Pepper contains an alkaloid called Piperine which slows the conversion of Curcumin in the small intestine, this allows a longer time for absorption. Piperine also slows the conversion of Curcumin in the liver.


Studies have shown that Turmeric is best cooked gently in water to increase its solubility. It helps break down the starches in Turmeric for better digestion and therefore better absorption of its active constituents.

Taking the above facts into consideration. The cheapest, safest and most effective (Bio-available) way to consume Turmeric is the Golden Paste formulae. The recipe for Turmeric Golden Paste can be found here.

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